Capital Market

Intercam Capital Table

The Capital Market is called the economic sector where financing channels are traded at different terms, distributing the savings of individuals and entities to finance productive projects.

At present, capital markets are managed from electronic platforms that can be accessed from different entities, being in some cases available to the general public.

Operations that the Capital Bureau can perform:



In the primary markets, the new shares or bonds issued from a contract between the party that finances and the one that is financed are sold; Both states and companies that need financing can participate in these.

Re-Purchase Funds Management

Highly renowned companies rely on the experience and professionalism of our operators to manage their re-purchase funds, in order to give liquidity to their shares and the expectations they have, as well as the natural flows of supply and demand.

Market Makers

A member authorized by Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV; the Mexican Stock Exchange) to promote the liquidity of companies and make operations more efficient. This figure establishes reference prices during the auction session in a security or in a set of securities of the Capital Market, committing to maintain buying and selling positions for a minimum number of shares and with prices within the maximum spread established by BMV. This model makes it possible to soften prices and moderate increases and decreases in the prices of the shares of the issuers.

Tactical Operations:

Through ETF´s

They stand for Exchange Traded Funds, that is, publicly traded funds. We can define them as a hybrid product between Traditional Investment Funds and Shares, since they have characteristics of both products. Like traditional investment funds, they are made up of a basket of securities. However, its operations are the same as those of the shares, since they are traded throughout the trading session and have the same taxation.

Through SIC

to list and operate in the field of the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV; the Mexican Stock Exchange), securities that have not been the subject of a public offer in Mexico and that are listed in stock markets foreigners who have been recognized by the CNBV.

Directly with Foreign Stock Exchange

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is the benchmark stock index of the New York Stock Exchange. This index reflects the evolution of the 30 industrial companies with the highest market capitalization listed on this market.

· ADR´s Operation:


An ADR is a negotiable certificate that represents ownership of a specific number of shares of a non-US company. It is issued and controlled by a depository bank (United States) against the shares deposited in another (Mexican) bank. It is used to facilitate transactions of such shares in US markets and expedite the transfer of a stock outside the United States. An ADR is denominated in dollars, traded in the US market, and is legally considered as an American value.

· Structuring of long-term strategies:

Tailored Suits:

Through the experience of the members that make up our Capital Table, they can help with opinions on what would be the best assets with respect to the profile of each client, making a suit tailored to the needs of our customers.

· Analysis of Companies recommended by our specialists

Continuous Monitoring of Our Assets:

In order to do a better job and understanding responsibility, as well as the complexity of the situation that current markets represent, our analysts generate opinions on the emissions that our brokerage firm recommends

· Opinion on the effects of the Economic Variables on the assets of Variable Income.

Extensive Market Tracking

Our Capital Table conducts a professional analysis of exogenous factors such as endogenous factors that may affect emissions in the Capital market, in this sense our experts generate continuous opinions on market conditions.