Our Presence

We have a solid team with more than twenty years of experience in the institutional and government banking areas. During this time we have focused on serving federal, state, and municipal treasuries, de-centralized government agencies, state-owned enterprises, national insurance institutions, national bonding institutions and national auxiliary credit organizations as well as public trusts classified under current rules as state-owned federal enterprises, national credit corporations, rural financing institutions and agriculture-related trusts (FIRA) administered by Banco de México, pension funds and mutual funds. We know that no needs are the same, and no two clients are alike, so we are convinced that each of them requires a personalized response. We are prepared to listen, understand and design a comprehensive solution for every one of these, with the following services:

Currencies - Foreign Exchange

Intercam is one of the main providers of foreign exchange services in any currency. We have the traditional buy-sell services:

– Coins and Bills of legal tender

– Coined Metals

– Prepaid Multicurrency Card

Money Market

According to the regulations of each client in the fixed income market, we make sure the liquid resources have the best performance in the needed time frames for their disposal. We manage more than 15,000 billion pesos. We are in the top 10 brokerage firms in volume; our activity in the secondary market of corporate debt has increased significantly in the last three years.

Corporate Finance

Innovative schemes designed to meet the needs of our customers and the investor public, offering a transparent and efficient alternative for obtaining financing as well as the necessary coverage for fixing the investment rate.

Equity Investment

An area specialized in managing investment portfolios with an equity approach and strict risk control.

Equity investment seeks to meet the financial goals of all its clients through a process of serious and professional investments that has proven successful over time. The criteria under which the portfolios are managed are:

– Disciplined investment process

– No conflicts of interest

– Latest Technology

– Long-term vision


We have developed a technological platform with the operational support and the necessary specialists in trusts, which allows us to offer you high quality services that you will be able to access online:

– Uptake and concentration of federal and state resources.

– Dispersion of resources.

– Individualization of resources divided by federal, state and interest components.

– See monthly income statement of the trust.

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