We help our clients meet their investment goals and manage their portfolios simply by offering a wide selection of investment funds from the leading mutual fund managers in the market.

- Personalized attention

- Investment advisors specializing in the design of investment portfolios, certified by the Mexican Securities Industry Association (AMIB).

- Security and transparency with every transaction.

- Integrity and confidential handling of your investment.

Intercam Funds



100% government bond fund with daily liquidity. Designed for minimal volatility, and assigned the highest market rating: AAA/1.


 tasa us


Short-term bond fund in dollars, designed to hedge against exchange-rate fluctuations, available 24 hours a day; market rating: AA/5.




Long-term bond fund in pesos, designed with an investment horizon of more than a year, investing primarily in corporate debt securities. Monthly liquidity. Rated AA/4.




For investors looking for attractive yields through investment in Mexican company stock, with a long term horizon.




For investors looking to diversify their investment through international companies and indexes, seeking superior yields with a long term horizon.




For investors looking to improve the return on their long-term investment through diversification a wide range of domestic and international instruments, following an active strategy.