Equity Advice  






INTERCAM offers tailor-made solutions for both investors who want to make their own investment decisions and people who prefer to be guided by financial experts that can help them put together an investment portafolio based on their profile, how long they want to invest, and how comfortable they are with risk.

Whatever you objetive, our process begins with a visit from one of our trained financial consultants to understand your short, medium, and long term needs and desing the best investment strategy to build up your equity, with the confidence that your investments will be handled with complete transparency and confidentiality.

Professional portfolio management brings you the following benefits:

• Security of having your investments handled by experts in national and international  financial markets

• The confidence of an advisor who will guide you in the process of selecting the most appropriate instruments for your profile, and who will always be there to support you.

• The flexibility of changing or investment. strategy as your needs of all

• The personal attention and impeccable service that always characterized us.

• We provide access to domestic and international markets with a range of products.

•The open architecture of our products prevents conflicts of interest on the recommended portfolio.