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In compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law for the Protection of Data in Possession of Private Companies or Individuals (hereinafter "the Law"), published in the Official Gazette on July 5, 2010 the following is reported:

Intercam Banco S.A. Institución de Banca Múltiple, Intercam Grupo Financiero, Intercam Casa de Bolsa S.A. de C.V., Intercam Grupo Financiero, Intercam Fondos S.A. de C.V., Sociedad Operadora de Fondos de Inversión, Intercam Grupo Financiero, Intercam Agente de Seguros y de Fianzas S.A. de C.V. e Intercam Arrendadora S.A. de C.V. (hereinafter “Intercam Servicios Financieros”), designate as responsible for obtaining, disclosing, storing, using, including accessing action, handling, using, transferring, or disposing of personal data, (hereinafter the “treatment”), that financial entity from the foregoing who collected them and indicates as its address the one located at Lago Zúrich 245, Piso 10, Col. Ampliación Granada, Del. Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico City, C.P. 11529.

At Intercam Servicios Financieros, we are aware of how important is for you the privacy of your personal information, therefor and in accordance with the provisions of the Law, we implement administrative, technical and physical safety measures that allow to protect personal data against damage, loss, alteration, destruction or unauthorized use, access or treatment. 


We collect your personal information in the following ways: personally, when you go to any of our branches or when an Intercam Servicios Financieros representative visits you, or directly, when you request any of our financial services or any consulting service, either through our Web sites, e-mail or regular mail, online services, courier services or by phone, and indirectly, when we use public or commercial sources of information permitted by the law.


The main purpose for processing your personal information is to verify and confirm your identity, in order to perform the necessary activities for hiring, placing, managing and operating the products and services you have with us, and to identify the risks involved in contracting, starting up, maintaining and terminating the legal relationship, as well as to meet the requirements set by competent authorities.

In addition to the foregoing, for secondary purposes, your personal information can be used to develop customer profiles, needs analysis, analysis for product design, and to send you publicity to promote financial products and services we believe are of interest to you. If you are an Intercam Servicios Financieros individual supplier, or if you act on behalf of a legal entity or an individual with business activity, your data can be used to request or provide recommendations or references regarding quality, safety and legality of products and services you market.

If you do not want your data be treated for the secondary purposes, you have five business days from the date of the collection of your data to let us know your refusal by telephone at 01-800-800-3334 or 55-33-33-34 extension 3162 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , failing to do so, you will be deemed to have given your tacit consent to use your personal information for such purposes. 


Intercam Servicios Financieros for the fulfillment of the previously established purposes, we collect the following Personal Data:

  • Identification data;
  • Contact data;
  • Socioeconomic data;
  • Work-related data;
  • Education data;
  • Migratory data;
  • Tax information;
  • Property assets data;
  • Financial data.
  • Biometric data, in order to corroborate your identity and which may consist of fingerprints, speech and facial recognition; geometry of the hand; and patterns in iris and retina.
  • Present and future health information revealing illnesses, diseases and addictions, in case of being interested in contracting a product and/or service so warranted.

Intercam Servicios Financieros, additionally collects Sensitive Personal Data, being the following:

When using our Websites, we may collect your IP address and browser version for security purposes and to reduce the risk in your searches and transactions. 


We carry out national or international transfers of your personal data to financial institutions, in order to perform activities that allow us to provide the products and services that you have requested. In the event of credit products, we may make transfers of your personal data to third party suppliers of background screening and credit history services, likewise as required or necessary, we make transfers of your personal data to competent authorities.

Likewise, and to avoid identity theft, we may perform transfers of sensitive personal data, such as biometric data, to third-party research service providers, which will safeguard and validate said information provided by the client and/or user to Intercam Servicios Financieros.

In addition to the transfers described above, eventually, your personal data are shared between the companies comprising Intercam Servicios Financieros, for the promotion of services and products, which may contact you directly.

When Intercam Servicios Financieros requires to carry out transfers of your personal data for purposes other than the purposes described herein, it agrees to request your consent.

Intercam Servicios Financieros shall inform the recipients of your personal data so they may take the necessary measures to comply with the commitments described in this notice. 


Intercam Servicios Financieros in order to comply with the General Provisions referred to in Article 115 of Credit Institutions Law (hereinafter, the Provisions), during the period the business relationship with customers/users lasts, may, with the express or tacit consent, share in the technological platform of Banco de Mexico, (hereinafter the Platform) with other Credit Institutions of the Financial System authorized for such purposes: i) information about transfers of national funds in foreign currency and international fund transfers sent or received by its customers/users; and (ii) information and your identification file documentation, including its updates. Likewise, you may consult on the Platform: i) the range of the transfers amounts of national funds in foreign currency, as well as international funds transfers sent or received by customers/users in the Mexican financial system; and (ii) information and, where appropriate, personal documentation of customers/users provided by other Credit Institutions to the Platform.

In this regard, you will be deemed to have given your tacit consent so the Institution may share in the Platform with other Credit Institutions of the Financial System, the information and documentation mentioned in the preceding paragraph, when not expressing your disagreement once this privacy notice has been made available to you.

On the other hand, it should be noted that in terms of the Credit Institutions Provisions that do not have the client/user consent, referred to in this paragraph, these may not offer the national funds transfer service in foreign currency nor the international funds transfer service.

Likewise, you may request from the Institution for your information, in writing, to the email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., the delivery of your information stored in the Platform, as well as, the list of other financial institutions that have searched through your information, in the understanding that if you don't recognize the information and the documentation on the Platform as your own, you must report it immediately to the Institution through the same means.

Intercam Servicios Financieros in the event of Reception and Retention of Presumably False Pieces or Banknotes and Altered Coins; Intercam Servicios Financieros must receive and retain the allegedly fake pieces, as well as the altered banknotes and coins, so it must issue a receipt to the holder (Client and/or user) that submits the pieces, for which with the express or tacit consent of the client/user his personal identification and contact information will be shared with the Bank of Mexico, for the opinion of the pieces that are presumably false, as well as the Altered Banknotes and Coins.

In this regard, it is understood that you implicitly consent that Intercam Servicios Financieros may share your data with Banco de México, when having made this legal notice available to you, you do not state your disagreement.


At any time, you may request the exercise of your ARCO rights and the consent revocation for your personal data treatment; you are entitled to access your personal data that we possess and the treatment details thereof, to correct them if inaccurate or incomplete, to cancel them when you consider they are not required for any of the purposes identified in this notice, are being used for purposes not agreed upon, or if the contractual relationship has terminated, and you may also refuse to the treatment thereof for specific purposes.

To request the exercise of your access, rectification, cancellation, refusal or consent revocation rights, you or your legal representative may submit the corresponding application at any of our branches, addressed to the person in charge of personal data at Intercam Servicios Financieros. Within no more than 20 days and through the means established by you, we will notify you the decision on admissibility of your application, after such notification and, if so, within no more than 15 days, you will receive your response. You are hereby informed that Law allows extending only once, the foregoing terms for the same number of days with due justification.

Requirements for the submission of your application for the exercise of rights:

Original and copy of the application form.

Original and copy of your voting credential and, if necessary, also the legal representative's voting credential.

If there is a legal representative, original and copy of the corresponding power of attorney.

The application must contain full name, address and email address or other means of the holder of the personal data, to notify the response to your request. Also provide the information of the legal representative, if applicable.

Clear and precise description of the personal data for which the exercise of any of the foregoing rights is sought.

Any other item or document that facilitates the location of the personal data.

In the case of the access right, the data you wish to know must be described.

In the case of correction of personal data requests, the holder shall indicate the modifications to be made and provide the documents that support its request.

In the case of requests for cancellation or revocation, take into account that they will only proceed with such data that do not impede the fulfillment of the obligations arising from the legal relationship between you and Intercam Servicios Financieros, or that do not impede compliance with the regulatory requirements of the competent authorities.

The answers to your ARCO rights will consist of electronic documents with scanned images of the copies of your documents, text file descriptions of the requested information and screen shots as evidence of the actions taken to fulfill your request.

To facilitate the exercise of your rights, we prepared a form you can request by calling the telephone numbers 5533-3334 or 01-800-800-3334 extension 3162, or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also request more information through these means, to clarify the answers to your requests, submit complaints, queries or offer tips.

If you think your right of personal information protection has been affected by the behavior of our employees or by our replies, or if you consider that in the treatment of your personal data, there has been any breach to the provisions of the Law, you may bring the relevant complaint before IFAI. For more information visit


We inform you that if you do not wish to receive advertising from us or from any other Mexican financial institution, the National Commission for Financial Service Consumer Protection and Defense (CONDUSEF, for its acronym in Spanish) in its Website http: //, makes available to you the User Public Registry (REUS, for its acronym in Spanish), a registry that contains personal information from users who do not wish to receive financial products and services advertising. 


You will receive updates to this legal notice through any of the following means: our Web site, notices in our branches, account statements or through the last email account you provided to us. 

Last update September 4, 2018.