Life insurance






One of the main concerns of all heads of families is how to resolve the economic situation before the inevitable event of loss of life.

While companies recognize that through the Mexican Social Security they protect workers against disability, and their families in the event of the death of one of its employees; it has become a trend to offer individual insurance protection against these same events, not only as a moral commitment but as a source of competitiveness in terms of compensation plans for its employees

The most common insurance offered by companies to their employees in this category are:

- Any cause of death

- Additional compensation for death resulting from an accident

- Advance payment of the sum insured in case of total and permanent disability

- Funeral Expenses

- Special coverage for Partners, Shareholders, Directors. (Key Man Insurance)

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) an individual who is in a state of disability, increases household spending 3 times during the first 2 years of disability, which may jeopardize the family´s heritage facing this situation and the expenses may remain so for several years when the disability is determined at an early age of the individual.

For this reason we are in the best disposition to advise our clients in the design and procurement plans that cover these events both at company level and in particular.