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Deposit funds in Mexican pesos, without interest, withdrawable on demand at any branch, with coverage throughout the metropolitan area.

Target market



- No minimum balance. 

- No fees or commissions. 

- Better expense control. 

- Your money is available on demand at any Intercam Banco branch. 

- Guaranteed by the institute for the Protection of Bank Savings (IPAB), for up to four hundred thousand investment units (UDIS).   

Fund credits 

- Funds can be credited by electronic media, cash or check at any branch cashier’s window.  

Means of withdrawal  

- Cashiers’ windows.  

 Product specifications  

- Automatic bill pay not available. 

- Cashier’s window balance inquiries.

- If the account has seen no activity for three months in a row, Intercam Banco reserves the right to cancel it, upon prior notification to the accountholder.  


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Unidad de Atención a Clientes

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