Enlace Card 






Your Enlace Visa Debit Card is the easiest, fastest, and safe way to use the money you have in your Intercuenta. You can shop at thousands of retail stores and online.


CASHBACK: Withdraw cash at over 4,000 department stores such as: City Club, Super City, Walmart, Mega Comercial Mexicana, City Market, Office Depot, Soriana Super, Soriana Express, Superama, Suburbia, VIP’s, Sams, El Porton, Sumesa…

- Worldwide coverage: Make Worlwide purchases with your Visa Debit Card Enlace.

- Ideal for travel: You can use your card while travelling, make purchases and withdraw cash in other countries safely and easily.

- You can keep track of expenses: Since all purchases is listed on the bank statement, and can consult on Internet Banking.

Safety Recommendations

- In order to recognize official messages, know the e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of your trusted sources.

- Don´t answer ill-intentioned e-mails download files or go to links containing non-official or suspicious messages. If you have any doubts please contact us at (55) 50 333333 o al 01 800 396 9665

- Validate any official messages at

- Both your token and your passwords are your personal responsibility. Don´t share them with anyone

-  It is preferable for you to go to a an illuminated ATM and cover the keyboard with your hand when entering you PIN

- In case you have given out information, downloaded files or gone to a non-official message link, contact us immediately at Client Services from Mexico City 50 33 33 33

Benefit from more than 4,000 department stores to make withdrawals every day of the year

We remind you that when you pay for a purchase with your Enlace Debit card you may withdraw up to $2,000.00 pesos.

City Market, Fresko, Superama, Walmart, Mega Comercial Mexicana, Comercial Mexicana, Sam´s, Soriana, Chedraui, Oce Depot, Sumesa, Al Precio, City Club, El Portón, Super City, Soriana Súper, VIP´s, Bodega Comercial Mexicana, Casa Ley, Bodega Aurrera, Suburbia, Almacenes Zaragoza, Calimax, Soriana Mercado, Soriana Express.

comunicado enlace

-Intercam doesn´t charge commission on withdrawals made at commercial establishments.

-Service commissions and maximum withdrawal amounts are subject to each individual establishment.


Customer Service  

• Mexico City: 5033-3333.
• Toll Free: 01-800-111-3334.
• International: 1-800 396 9665.

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Unidad de Atención a Clientes