We have an Online Banking system that allows you to carry out your transactions with the utmost security through the use of a security device (TOKEN). You can check balances and movements in your account, transfer money to the same and other banks (SPEI), make credit card payments as well as payments of key services such as electricity and telephone


- No limit to the amount of transactions you can make regardless of where you are.

- Every transaction is authorized with your security device (TOKEN). This is a secure way to protect all of your movements.

- Invest your money from our Online Banking in our product + Pagaré, knowing the expected amount of interest earned at maturity of the product 

- Include more users in your Online Banking service with different privileges using your administrator user account with which you can manage permissions and amount limits of your operations 


Two security devices (TOKEN)

  • Token Challenge 

    It protects all of your movements within the online banking site by displaying a security code that you will have to enter into the device; it will send back you code that will secure your transactions.

  • Mobile Token Challenge 

    This App is available for Android and IOs, and works in the same way giving you just as much security.


-  You must have a checking account in Intercam Banco.

-  Have a working e-mail address.

Tarifas y Comisiones 


Transacciones mensuales libres




Consulta de Estado de Cuenta.






Pago de Servicios






Traspasos Cuentas Propias y de Terceros (Mismo banco)






Transferencias a cuentas
de otros bancos en
México - Mismo día (SPEI)






*Comisiones vigentes a partir del 01 de enero 2014.


- La forma de ingresar a tu Banca por Internet es por medio de un usuario el cual deberás de definir en tu primer ingreso, una contraseña alfanumérica con un mínimo de 6 caracteres, y el código de seguridad de tu TOKEN challenge.

- Los Horarios para Trasferencias a cuentas de Otros Bancos en México mismo día SPEI es de 8:00 am a 17:30 hrs.

- Consulta el Contrato Único de Intercam Banco, S.A. Institución de Banca Múltiple, Intercam Grupo Financiero, para más detalles.


Cd de Mexico: (55) 50 33 33 33

Del Interior: 01(800) 111 33 34

Unidad Especializada de Atención a Clientes 

Cd de Mexico: (55) 50 33 33 34 Ext 3162

Del Interior: 01(800) 111 33 34

Correo electrónico: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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01 800 999 8080

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