Major Medical Expenses






Major Medical Expenses

Our main goal is to provide alternatives of insurability for businesses and individuals to protect their assets when derived from an accident or illness that affects the economic capacity of the affected and the family.

Currently, 90% of companies offer private health plan for employees, as part of its policy of retaining and attracting talent and there is a growing trend in the concern of the individual to maintain health coverage for himself and his family, regardless the contractual relationship with the company. (contributory and / or flexible plans).

Traditional coverage schemes are:

- Major Medical Insurance

- Minor Medical Plan Rates

- Dental and Vision Insurance

- Personal Accident (Schools, Students and Travelers)

- Care and welfare of health (Wellness)

Our team of professionals in Intercam Insurance optimizes through the experience and creativity of its members, responsible for designing the chord plans to the needs of hedging, depending on the budget and scope of business, in terms of existing offerings in the market.

The relevant activities are:

- - Consulting and program placement Insurance

- Risk Management

- Monitoring and personal treatment in case of accidents.

- Statistical reports of the severity and frequency of claims submitted

- Communication to staff.

- Resource Optimization.

- Design and development of plans for containment of risk and prevention alternatives.

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