Your financial ally at all times

Intercam Fiduciario offers a set of highly specialized trust services focused on meeting your needs promptly and reliably. With this versatile instrument, you can plan the allocation, administration, investment and delivery of the resources, property and/or rights that make up the trust equity.  Let us help you structure a product that suits your needs.

At Intercam Fiducario, we administer the following types of trusts:

  • Estate Management and Investment
  • Retirement planning and savings.
  • Escrow and collateral.
  • Administration and payment
  • Stock control
  • Real-estate administration and development
  • Restricted Zone Real Estate Ownership Trust


  • Protection and confidentiality. When you contribute assets to a trust, they cease to be part of your property and become property of the trustee, acting on behalf of the trust, and can be administrated according to the instructions of the trust creator (Client) or a technical committee assembled for these purposes.
  • Enables you to plan the allocation and delivery of the resources, property and/or rights that make up the trust equity, to the trust beneficiaries.
  • The cost of a trust with Intercam trust services depends on the complexity and administrative load, not the value of the equity contributed.
  • Transparent operations. The trustee is legally obligated to act impartially, transparently and in strict compliance with the trust indenture, because the trust is an instrument regulated by the National Banking and Securities Commission and Banco de México.

When you open a trust with Intercam Fiduciario, you’ll enjoy the following advantages:

  • Legal advice
  • Assistance by specialist trust advisors
  • Same-day payment service**
  • Web platform for administering high-volume trusts
  • Issuance and delivery of monthly trust equity statements

**Available for payment instructions received by the trustee before 11:30 a.m. Mexico City time, and in keeping with the trust requirements.