Intercuenta Enlace USD

With Intercam, your money does more for you

Intercuenta Enlace USD is a bank money deposit denominated in US Dollars, that can be withdrawn at any time and does not bear interest.


  • No opening or account management fees.
  • Your money is immediately available via checking, Online Banking* and at your branch.
  • Cash Delivery and Pick Up Service available via Telephone Banking(1).
  • Deposits guaranteed by the Institute for the Protection of Bank Savings (IPAB) for up to 400,000 inflation-indexed Investment Units (UDIs).

(1) This service is only available for Mexico City, the Metropolitan area and main cities across the country.

Means of withdrawal

  • Checks
  • Mobile Banking*
  • At your branch

*These services must be requested and acquired by the Client

Means of deposit

  • Dollar transfers between accounts in the same bank
  • Wire transfers and check deposits at branches

Requirements and types of account

    • Deed of incorporation with registry in Public Registry of Trade
    • Power of attorney for legal representative
    • Proof of tax address
    • RFC
    • Official identification of account signers
    • Name of shareholders
    • Registration with Mexican tax authorities
    • E-signature certificate number
    • Completed SPID service application

Only available for business residing in Mexico.

Open your Border Zone Intercuenta Enlace USD Account for Individuals and handle your dollar transactions quickly, easily and safely.