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Types of User

Money desk users on both sides of the deal–whether borrowing or lending–can be major companies and institutions–in other words, those with the lowest risk–and include Mexican and multinational firms and government agencies.

Types of Money Desk Trades

Repos: Short for “repurchase agreement,” a repo is a transaction in which the buyer acquires ownership of credit certificates in return for a certain sum of money, and is obligated to return the same number and type of securities to the seller after an agreed-upon term, and upon reimbursement of the same price plus a premium.

  • Overnight repos
  • Term repos
  • Corporate debt repos

Direct Trades: Transactions involving the purchase of debt securities, usually at the expiration of the instrument.

Government Debt

Government Auctions: A market system in which buyers offer competing bids to determine the selling price of a security.

Tactical Trades: In order to generate an alpha (a portfolio return greater than the underlying benchmark), government securities can be bought or sold, depending on market conditions.

Bank Debt

Primary Offerings: Through the money desk, you can invest in all offerings of debt issues announced to the market by official media.

Secondary Market: Our experts track most issues on the market, so you can participate in existing issues and help them to find liquidity, as the case may be.

Intercam Bank Debt Inventory: We have our own inventory of bank securities in which you can invest, depending on your profile.

Corporate Debt

Primary Offerings: We’re always looking for new ways to create added value for our clients. Our specialists have access to most primary offerings by local and foreign companies, to offer you the best options.

Secondary Market: We track most issues on the market in order to find value in attractive debt securities based on a combination of factors like credit risk, liquidity and duration.

Intercam Bank Debt Inventory: We have our own inventory of bank securities in which you can invest, depending on your profile.

Government Debt

Direct Trading in USD bonds: We have access to foreign-currency securities that offer numerous investment asset alternatives.

Eurobonds Packaged through Derivatives: We create investment ideas that maximize potential returns, using issues by Mexican companies in foreign currency as underlying assets.

Custom-Structured Portfolios

Custom-Tailored: Through the experience of our experts, we offer you advice on the best assets to fit your investment profile, creating a investment custom designed for your needs.

Credit Risk Opinions

Continuous Asset Tracking: In order to do a better job, and by applying our understanding of the complexity and responsibilities of market trading, we offer credit risk opinions on all the issues held in our inventories, so you can make the right decision.