Products protected by IPAB

IPAB protected products*

  • Intercuenta Básica
  • Intercuenta Enlace Intercam
  • Intercuenta Enlace USD.
  • +Pagaré Intercam Investment
  • Intercam Banco USD Investment
  • Precisa Investment
  • FX Business Service MXN
  • SFX Business Service USD
  • Intercuenta CL MN
  • Intercuenta CL USD
  • Intercuenta Express MN
  • Intercuenta Express USD

IPAB: The Institute for the Protection of Savings is a decentralized agency of the Federal Public Administration, zoned to the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit, with legal personality and assets and domiciled in the Federal District, whose functions are regulated in the Law on Protection of Bank Savings (LPAB) and the Law on Credit Institutions (LIC).

*Coverage up to four hundred thousand UDIS.