Interest-rate Options

Derivative contracts clients can use to hedge against directional movements in interest rates, in exchange for a premium.


  • The ideal instrument for hedging the risk of a rise in interest rates when one is in the position to take out a floating-rate loan, for example pegged to the TIIE (not including credit spreads)
  • The client knows the maximum amount they will pay for the remainder of their loan, giving them greater cash flow certainty

Documents required for corporations

  • Deed of incorporation (inscribed in the appropriate registry)
  • Power(s) of attorney registered with the Public Registry of Commerce, when applicable
  • Current official ID of representative(s)
  • Electronic signature, when applicable
  • Real beneficiary statement letter, when applicable
  • Statement of tax compliance (no more than 1 month old), including:
    • TAX ID (RFC)
    • Population registry code (CURP)
    • Tax address
    • Economic activity
    • Tax regime