We have professionals certified by the National Commission of insurance and Bonds

We have a specialized area in bonds, with human resources and technology to meet your needs in strengthening in an immediate way, according to the needs that requires your company.

We also give attention to all suppliers of your company to protect their resources through existing bonds subscribed in accordance with the obligations set out in the source document.

We have developed business partnerships with major surety companies in the country, which allows us to obtain the following benefits for our customers.

– Costs

– Securing lines.

– Response times, placing its security in any part of Mexico.

– Support and advice in underwriting securities ensuring fiscal obligations, supply of electricity and gas.

– Cancellation of bonds, we have negotiated arrangements with sureties of agile and expeditious way.

– Analysis and reviews of its internal control systems to determine the fidelity bond type that best suits your company.

– We have 67 branches in Mexico, allowing us to support our customers.

– Ensures compliance of operations that celebrates YOU as Beneficiary with each of your suppliers / contractors.

The scheme covers:

Supplier Program

1. Supply support
2. Advances
3. Fullfilment
4. Hidden Defects
5. Contingent Liabilities
6. Contractual Penalties