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If you have made it this far, it’s because you are in search of a bank that truly and completely understands your needs, which is precisely what Intercam Banco has in store for you with the OneStop Banking® Experience! So look no further! Welcome!

We have been Humanizing Banking® for over 20 years, specializing in making expats feel right at home during their stay in Mexico, whether it´s for a short time or to help make it their brand new forever home!


Our Services

Below you will find a full list with detailed information about every service Intercam Banco has to offer and all the benefits that come with our One-Stop Banking® experience, helping you focus more on enjoying life whilst having your banking needs met.

Online Banking

With Online Banking you can securely and safely control and access your bank account from literally any computer! Conveniently pay utility bills, make transfers (domestic and international), purchase foreign currency, look at account balances, transactions and do so much more with just a click of a button!


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Mobile Banking

Our easy-to-use, state-of-the-art Intercam Mobile App allows your banking operations to be just literally fingertips away, directly on your smartphone! With it, you are able to make domestic and international transactions, buy foreign currency, pay bills, look at your account balance, transactions and much more with safe and secure password and token verification technology!

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We are an insurance and surety brokerage firm whose objective is to provide a personalized and quality service at the lowest possible cost to our Clients. 

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Foreign Exchange

We are the foreign currency experts! Easily wire transfers to anywhere in the world, draft checks on the world’s leading banks, buy and sell U.S. and Canadian dollars, euros and Japanese yen in real time with your smartphone. We also purchase your foreign checks drafted in foreign banks. We are your financial ally for your international banking needs.

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We provide legal securities to parties in their trusts, whether it is for an extended loan, collection rights, financing and more. We act as a transparent and secure source of protection for your banking trusts.

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Escrow accounts

We offer escrow accounts and collateral. These mechanisms can be very personalized, which is why we help you choose the type of trust that best suits your needs and we will manage it with the quality and efficiency Intercam is known for.
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The newest service that the One-Stop Banking® experience has to offer! Our home loan is specifically designed for people from the U.S. and Canada looking to buy their dream home in two of Mexico’s most beautiful beaches: Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos.

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Taak Branches

Our TaaK branches are unlike any other bank offices you have ever been to! With  a modern design and comfortable furniture, these fabulous environments offer our  Clients a unique and relaxing experience for them to make their financial transactions  and, at times, just relax, have a cup of coffee and chat away.  

These branches are located in popular tourist destinations such as Puerto Vallarta,  San José del Cabo, Melaque, San Carlos, Mazatlán, Cuernavaca, Tulum and Ajijic among many others. 

So stop by and come on in! Our doors are always open. 


And there ́s more…

International wire transfers

We are the OneStop Banking experience for your international banking needs! With Intercam you can wire transfers to anywhere in the world, draft checks from the world’s leading banks, buy and sell U.S. and Canadian dollars, euros, Japanese yen in real time and we can easily purchase your foreign checks drafted in foreign banks as well. We are definitely the bank for foreigners!

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Mutual Funds

Our exclusive wide selection of funds pursues various investment strategies, both in debt and equities. We also have funds managed by some of the country’s leading fund management firms. The array of products we offer cover a complete range of asset classes, putting your money to work toward your goals!

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Investments in US Dollars/MXN Pesos

Discover the benefits of what personalized service is for your investments in different currencies! We have services available to shield and protect you and your investments using the currency that is most convenient for you.

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Foreign checks

We understand that our Clients from other countries have checks drafted in foreign  banks, which is why we also purchase your foreign checks drafted in foreign banks! We want to  make your time in Mexico easier, so no matter where you’re from, with us you will feel right at  home, hassle-free.

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ATM Network

For your convenience, Intercam offers a vast network of ATMs strategically placed throughout the country. With over 2,900 ATMs at your disposal, some in alliance with Scotiabank and BanBajío and many others specialized in dollars conveniently located in popular tourist destinations, you ́ll never miss out on anything!

Personal Banking

Because we understand every Client is unique, we offer services tailored to your specific  needs! We excel in taking time off your hands with our human to human experience so you can  use your time for what you truly want to do while leaving your financial needs to us, your  trustworthy experts. You´ll always be in good hands with Intercam.


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