Banca de Gobierno

Our presence

Solid work team with more than twenty years of experience in the Institutional and Government sector, during this time we have focused our efforts to the attention of Treasuries of the Federal, State, Municipal Government, Decentralized Organizations, to the companies of majority state participation, national insurance institutions, national bail institutions and national credit auxiliary organizations, as well as public trusts that, in accordance with applicable provisions, are considered parastatal entities of the Federal Public Administration, national credit societies, Rural Finance and the Institutional Trusts in Relation to Agriculture administered by the Bank of Mexico, Siefores and Investment Companies, we know that there are no equal needs, much less equal clients, therefore, we are convinced that each one requires a personalized response. We are prepared to listen, understand and design a comprehensive solution for each of them with the following services:


Intercam is one of the leading service provider groups in any currency exchange and we have the traditional services of buying and selling of:

– Legal bills and coins

– Coined metals

– Prepaid and rechargeable card in dollars to withdraw cash at any Visa network  ATM in the world

Money Market

According to the regulations of each client in the debt market, we help the liquid resources to have the best performance to the necessary terms for the use of them, we operate more than 15’000 million pesos in the long part of the National debt curve, we are one of the top 10 brokerage firms in volume operated, our activity in the secondary corporate debt market has increased significantly in the last three years.

Corporate Finance

We design innovative schemes that cover the needs of our clients and the investing public, offering a transparent and efficient alternative to obtain financing as well as the necessary coverage to fix the rate.

Corporate Assets Investment Unit

It is a specialized area in managing investment portfolios with a patrimonial approach and a strict risk control. Patrimonio Inversiones seeks to meet the financial objectives of all its clients through a serious and professional investment process that has proven successful over time, factors that have allowed us to establish a personal and long-term relationship with our clients. The premises under which the portfolios are managed are:

– Disciplined investment process

– No conflict of interest

– State of the art technology

– Long-term vision


We have developed an IT platform with proper operational support and specialists in the Trust sector, which allows us to offer high quality services that you can access online and consult the following:

– Payment Settlement Consultation

– Acquisition and centralization of Federal and State resources.

– Dispersion of resources

– Individualization of resources by program -exercise, divided by federal, state and interest components, etc.

-Monthly patrimonial status consultation of the Trust

– Online Reporting of all information related to FOFAE (balances, performance and transactions, both banking and investment).