EX-IM Bank

Ex-IM Bank Credits

If your company needs capital for importing products or machinery from the US, Ex-Im Bank credits are your solution.  Through this tool, we finance imports of goods or services from the US to Mexico, with attractive rate and fees, volume and cash payment discounts.


  • Increase your purchasing power and obtain volume and cash payment discounts.
  • Competitive rates and fees
  • Access to bank lines for other uses
  • No middlemen; the agreement is directly with the Ex-Im Bank


  • Your short-term credit. Ask our executives about revolving lines of credit for the purchase of raw materials or inventory.
  • Your medium-term credit. At Intercam we offer loans at up to five years for the purchase of machinery and equipment and capital services.


  • Imports from the United States
  • Financial statements for the last three fiscal years
  • Credit Bureau clearance
  • Minimum of three years’ operation in the same field
  • Must have earned a profit in the past two years
  • Stockholders’ equity of more than P$10 million
  • Good moral and economic solvency

Apply for your Ex-Im Bank Credit and obtain the materials you need to keep your company moving in the present and in the future