Actuarial Consultancy

We know that as an entrepreneur, you care about the present and future of your employees. That’s why we have an area specializing in products and services relating to your employees’ retirement planning.

Through our Actuarial Assessment program, we calculate your contingent liabilities relating to Seniority Bonuses, Severance Pay, Pension Plans and Collective Contracts.

Main Services

Valuation of Actuarial Employer´s Accounting.

Calculation of accounting provisions generated by the seniority premium benefit, legal indemnity, and pension plans, based on local and international norms and standards:

México (NIF D3), Estados Unidos (FAS 158, FAS88, FAS106, 112) e Internacional (IAS 19).

Pension Plans

We provide both actuarial calculations for the Pension Fund and the administration and control of it.

Wealth Management

We assist retirees and pensioned employees in their wealth management and financial strategies.

Protecting your employees means protecting your company.