Chip and PIN

Chip and PIN – the safest way to pay

Now your Personal Identification Number (PIN) gives you an extra layer of security when you use your card.

How it works

When paying in a physical establishment, if you have the new Chip and PIN card, you do not need to sign a ticket. Just enter your 4-digit PIN code (digital signature) in the POS terminal.

To activate your card for the first time

  • Call 55 5033 3333 and cancel your current card¹
  • Go to your branch with the canceled card and ask for your new Chip and PIN card¹
  • Activate it with your Relationship Executive using the Telephone Banking service¹
  • Create your confidential 4-digit PIN code in a terminal at your branch.

If you already have a PIN and you need to change or recover it

  • Visit your Relationship Executive and create a new code using a terminal at your branch.

Remember: you will need to have your card with you to make this change.


  • Guarantees that the cardholder is actually the one authorizing the purchase
  • Reduces disputed charge claims
  • Avoids fraud if your card is lost or stolen


  • Change your PIN number regularly
  • Avoid using numbers that are easy to guess (birthdays, consecutive numbers, etc.)
  • Never share your PIN with anyone or write it down in a visible place
  • Make sure that nobody watches you enter your PIN when you are shopping or at an ATM
  • When you are about to enter your PIN, make sure the device does not show signs of being manipulated (scratches, dents, etc.)
  • Sign your card on the back


Intercam Banco will never ask you for your PIN number.  For security purposes, we have designed a process in which you activate your PIN the moment you receive the card.

¹Only for clients who do not already have the new Chip and PIN card.  You have until April 2nd, 2020 to change your card.