FX Platform

iCambios Pro: buy and sell foreign currency in real time

Foreign-exchange markets are constantly changing, which creates exchange-rate uncertainty and economic risks for companies. With iCambios Pro, you can eliminate risks and improve your financial planning. Control of your transactions is in your hands. You decide when to buy or sell foreign currency whenever it’s best for you.

Introducing a new advanced platform where which you can buy and sell foreign-currency in real time on the market, in the following currencies:





  • International transfers: digital fund transfers to accounts at foreign banks.
  • Mex-Dollar (SPID): Digital fund transfers to accounts at Mexican banks.
  • Concentrating Accounts
  • Trades available from same-day to 96 hours
  • Profile control
  • Trading days 24/6
  • Intraday and Overnight Orders


  • Intercam Client
  • Registered with Online Banking
  • Corporation
  • Trading any of these FX pairs: USD-MXN, EUR-MXN, GBP-MXN, CAD-MXN, CHF-MXN, JPY-MXN

Control, execution and planning of your foreign-currency transactions from a single platform.