About Us


We are a group of companies with a successful history in the financial industry, who offer comprehensive solutions to our clients based on a complete understanding of their specific needs. The quality of our service is recognized by more than 50,000 clients with whom we interact on a daily basis, advising them on how to handle their corporate treasuries as well as the investment of their personal equity, with a single purpose: promptly meeting their needs.


Our mission is to be a trusted financial group that offers value and protection to our clients through our financial services and products, achieving the expected profitability for our shareholders and always striving to comply with national and international regulations.


Intercam is focused on being Mexico´s international bank, serving export and import companies, individual savers, investors and travelers, as well as foreign clients living in Mexico. We are working to have at least half of our clients use two or more of the services we, as a group have to offer, to keep our revenues diversified and growing.


Financial Sensibility focused on the client, and based on four pillars:

Personalized Attention: We know that all needs are different, and no two clients are alike. We are prepared to listen, understand and design a comprehensive solution for every one of our clients because we are convinced that each of them requires a personalized response.

Certified Quality: Our services are designed with simple and reliable processes. All of them certified under ISO 9001:2008 standards, and are committed to permanent improvement supervised directly by our top management.

Integrity: For Intercam, the alignment of thought, words and action are the basis for establishing a relationship of trust with each of our clients, giving them the security of knowing that their investments will always be handled with the strictest confidentiality

Cost-Benefit: We propose financial solutions for our clients that will optimize the cost-benefit ratio, thus fully meeting their needs.

Our History