What is it

Financial forwards

They are financial instruments that generate payments and obligations, which depend on the value of some other asset.

Business line:

Marketing of Financial Forwards

Target Market: Sophisticated customers with marketing investment service

Legal Entity

– National

– Foreign


• Articles of incorporation (Registered with the corresponding Registry).

• Power(es) (Registered in RPP (when applicable).

• Legal representative(s) identification.

• Identification of Authorized persons (when applicable).

• Proof of fiscal status (not longer than one month), which includes:

– Tax ID

– Unique Population Registry Code (CURP)

– Tax address

– Economic activity

– Fiscal Regime

• Qualify with investment profile of Sophisticated Client

• Have a Cuenta Enlace with Intercam Banco


• Offer tranquility.

• Contracts not standardized

• They are risk management tools.

• Decrease potential losses.

• Humanizing Banking philosophy.

Description of each benefit

• Offer tranquility.

At Intercam we offer you to secure the price of an asset in the present to carry out future operations, conveniently so as not to affect your cash flow.

• Contracts not standardized

With Intercam you will always have structured negotiations according to your needs, choose the amount and term desired for acquisition or sale of your underlying assets.

• They are risk management tools.

They serve to manage financial risks and thus generate financial planning by minimizing market risks and benefiting from increases and decreases in asset prices.

• Decrease potential losses.

We offer services that cover the client’s investment needs, minimizing market risks whose effects can be adverse for the investor.

• Humanizing Banking philosophy.

No matter how much the technology will, for us it will always be better to speak to you from person to person, since the human treatment is insurmountable.

We are a certified institution showing transparency in its operations

List of products in that line of business

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