Money laundering prevention






To abide strictly by national and international regulations is a part of our mission, and integrity is part of our philosophy. That is why we are known for our professionalism, which makes us leaders in the field of Anti-Money Laundering.

Since 1997, Intercam has been a pioneer preventing money laundering in the financial industry, developing clear policies and procedures, even acting before Mexico’s introduction of rules to bring the industry into compliance with GAFI guidelines. Furthermore, for the seventh year in a row, Intercam organized the Annual Money Laundering Prevention Convention, involving exhibiters from international and national financial institutions and authorities, attended by more than 100 compliance officers from different companies.

Because the goal is to remain a leader in this field, Intercam has invested heavily in human capital, training, and particularly in information systems that bolster internal control of transactions and monitor nationwide activity, triggering early alerts that can help mitigate this risk before it materializes. Our corporate advisors work under “Know Your Client” guidelines, regularly visiting the clients to determine the source of their resources, the purpose of their transactions and their transactional profile, in order to establish parameters for monitoring transactions on a daily basis by product, size, frequency and nature. In this task, we have an developed an internal system, supported by the external consultancy firm: SysPLD.

Intercam's commitment to Money Laundering Prevention is part of our philosophy of integrity. We expect impeccable conduct from each of our employees, which we achieve through strict application of an Internal Code of Ethics, and process auditing by Kroll and Deloitte & Touche, experts in the field.